No bra, no problem

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz from Unsplash

There has been a decline in sales of underwired bras. This should come as no surprise since underwire bras do not have a good reputation: they are uncomfortable and often leave red welts on the skin.

More and more women are therefore opting for more comfortable option such as bralettes, crop tops and sportswear. Since retailers have confirmed there has been a rise in sales, Marks and Spencer has upped its number of bralette styles from 19 to 24, in sizes up to DD+.

Asos, following the steps of Marks and Spencer, offers options in sizes up to 42GG, while New Look says its best selling bralette has a wide, elastic band to support larger breasts.

The non-wired bra options have also become a megatrend of underwear-as-outerwear among millennials, but some older generations as well. Sports bras are often paired with leggings, while lacy bralettes with pencil skirts or high waisted jeans.

Soozie Jenkinson, head of design at M&S, told the BBC that bralettes “certainly become a lingerie drawer staple.”

She continued explaining that there has been a shift in lingerie with a highlighted focus on comfort and enhancing the natural female silhouette. And that this is why bralettes and sports bras have become an essential go-to for many women.

Words: Lucija Duzel | Subbing: Victoria Locke, Ruby Naldrett

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