Bears’ tight end Zach Miller breaks his leg while scoring controversial touchdown


After Gordon Hayward’s horrible injury last week in the NBA, another sportsman’s body part completely twisted in the middle of a broadcast, this time during an NFL game.

Chicago Bears’ offensive lineman Zach Miller had just caught a ball in the end-zone, when he landed awkwardly; and his knee bent.

After official review, the play was later overturned and ruled as an incomplete pass. A decision criticised by many. “To me that looks like a catch”, said former NFL vice president of Officiating Dean Blandino, who now works for FOX Sports.

We’ve checked Londoners’ NFL knowledge. Have a look.

Detroit Lions’ wide receiver and NFL star Golden Tate took his frustration to Twitter, describing the situation as ‘new low’.

The team, which lost 20-12 to New Orleans Saints, had a truly devastating afternoon. Apart from Miller’s broken leg, guard Kyle Long hurt his hand in the first quarter and center Cody Whitehair suffered an elbow injury in the second half.

Here’s the how the drastic injury happened. WARNING: Contains sensitive graphics.

Words: Omar Salvi | Subbing: Damian Burchardt

Picture: Wikimedia commons

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