My style is my identity

Student Aoife Huggins talks all things fashion

Everyday we dress ourselves because it’s necessary. But whilst some fling on the first top in the drawer, others dawdle in the mirror for hours indecisive between the red or blue sweater. 20-year-old undergraduate Aoife Huggins falls into the second group. Newcastle born Aoife moved to London for her degree in Fashion Buying, but stayed for so much more. “I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else”.

What is it like growing up in busy London, with so much inspiration and different styles floating under your nose? Aoife talks inspiration, fast fashion and what her style means to her.

What do you love about London so much?
The diversity in style. Everyone here is so open to different styles and clothing you can wear what you want and not feel judged for it. No one person dresses the same, you get something different every time you step out.

What is studying fashion buying like?

Honestly it’s a lot of hard work! I learnt a lot from my placement year, but it basically consists of selecting items to be stocked for a company. What I’ve learnt so far is that it’s so important to be on top of the latest trends, runway looks etc but luckily I’ve always taken an interest in this so it’s not a chore for me.

So would you say you’re always after the latest fashion?

In a way yes and no. I need to know what’s coming next and how the company can prepare for that with their collection etc. But for my personal style sometimes I do fall into the trap of new fashion trends.

What inspires your style?

The thing that inspires my style the most is my personality, I’m an extremely creative person so I’m certainly not afraid of colour. My outfit can change depending on my mood, I like to take inspiration from what I’m feeling at the time. The environment of course plays a part in when I’ll wear an outfit, such as street wear, formal and office.

Do you take inspiration from social media, or any specific people?

Definitely! I take inspiration from many influencers and celebs all whom switch up their style daily. From Rihanna, to Jorja Smith and Instagram influencer Shannon Nicole.

What do you think of fast fashion, are you a fan of it?

Fast fashion is the way forward keeping up to date with stores like Zara updating their trends every week. But in my opinion it doesn’t give people the chance to actually appreciate the trends before them.

Is your style a huge part of your identity/ important to you?

Style is my identity. What I wear 100% makes my confidence and mood change.

How long does it take you to put together an outfit on a regular day?

On a regular day it takes like about 45 minutes, this might be because I just own so much.

What’s your most valuable item of clothing to you and why?
My most valuable piece of clothing is a Yeezy season 5 hoodie. I got this as a gift from my dad one Christmas and it’s not valuable because it price but because all of my fondest memories at uni has been in that hoodie, when I wear it I make the best memories with my closest friends.

Designer or high street?

Both. I love both. I mean you can get more value for money on high street but high-end tends to hit trends that are more long-lasting on their products.

Below is a gallery of some of Aoife’s favourite looks she has put together which combines different colours and textures!

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Words by Amara Chan

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