Must see productions closing soon

Some of the best productions this year are coming to a close and you don’t want to miss these.

Here are the top 5:

The Jungle

Across the channel, The Jungle tells the stories of refugees and migrants in the encampment known to us as the Calais jungle. The play takes the audience on a journey of loss, fear, hope and a sense of community. The experiences that many refugees and migrants encountered is portrayed in an intense, uplifting journey through several encounters.

When: Until 3 November

Where: Playhouse Theatre



Performed by playwright and actor Arinzé Kene. The play uncovers the truth about being a Londoner the gritty parts that no one understands unless you live in London within the newly becoming gentrified areas. Misty takes you on a lyrical journey through the use of spoken word, rap and song. Which places you on the streets of inner London. From his encounter on the night bus to his struggle to be seen as an artist, misty embark on a cultural journey to push past those strict expectations but to finally create a play that’s raw and not just appeal to a specific type of audience. Misty wants to break the initial conception that it is not a black play but about the truth of the inner-city.

When: Until 17 November

Where: Trafalgar Studios one



Twelfth Night

A musical adaptation of the twelfth night with the brass bands and R’n’B beats. Twins Viola and Sebastian wash up on the shores of Illyria after a shipwreck. Viola disguised herself as a man to survive and gender ends throughout the play and unrequited love. Includes music and lyrics from songwriter Shaina Taub.

When: Until 17 November

Where: Young Vic


Heathers the musical

Based on the 1988 Film Heathers. The musical is about how a group of teenage girls with the same name Heather. The fourth member of the group Veronica has had enough of her new friends and longs to return to her old life and nerdy friends. The musical Comedy was adapted by Legally Blonde and Reefer Madness.

When: Until 24 November

Where: Theatre Royal Haymarket


A Guide for The Homesick

Can you express your fears to an absolute stranger?

A Guide for The Homesick takes the audience on a journey of the friendship between strangers Teddy and Jeremy. Both miles away from home and consumed by there own fears and secrets. They first encounter each other in a hotel room in Amsterdam.  The erotic thriller explores the struggle of being afraid to love.

When: Until Saturday 24 November

Where: Trafalgar Studios Two

Words: Nia Tyrell Subbing: Luke Furr

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