Lockdown Diaries #3: self-validation on social media

Photo credit: Christopher Ott on Unsplash

Is what we see on our feeds a true reflection of reality? How much of our worth should we base on the number of likes and followers we get? In our third episode of Lockdown Diaries, we explore the double-edged sword that is social media.

In the latest episode of Lockdown Diaries, we delved in the topic of self image and presentation on social media. Aspiring journalist Kiran shared her views on authenticity and creativity on Instagram and compared it to the shiniest new social media platform, TikTok.

Social media provides a platform to voice your opinions, connect with friends as well as strangers, follow news and trends, and most importantly, to present yourself. However, the presentation of self is not always accurate and covers only a small fragment of one’s personality. Certain media platforms allow its users to show more of their authentic personality and creativity. Instagram, with over a billion users, is arguably the most restricting one in terms of candidness. This is not because of its format, but the way it is utilized. Influencer culture and ever-changing trends contribute to this problem while also giving rise to mental health problems and feelings of inadequacy.

To hear about the comparison of authenticity on different social platforms, the anxiety about posting and living up to social media trends and more, listen to our newest episode…

Words: Begum Kuruc | Voice: Begum Kuruc & Kirandeep Kaur | Subbing: Arwa Nadeem

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