Justin Mylo on what it means to be an artist today

Words: Sal Fasone | Subbing: Lavinia Petrucci

We interviewed Justin Mylo ahead of his first ever UK show in London. He told us about the struggles of being an artist, how to make the perfect track and coping with success at a young age.

When we walked into his hotel, Justin Mylo was waiting for us at the lobby. He was relaxed and wouldn’t show any sign of stress, I mean you’re about to play one of the biggest London venue, Brixton Academy, how can you be so chill?

I’ve just found out it’s a huge venue, I didn’t really know (laughs).

But once we walk into his room he tells us all about his feelings, the way he started his career and the struggles new artists may find along the way if they want their music to be successful.

He’s here to open for his long-time friend Martin Garrix, a friendship started way before they were both doing music.

Cheap Motel is out now and you can stream it here.

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