Jeremy Corbyn reassured on the second referendum plan

Credits to AP

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to ‘sort out’ Brexit within six months while he was making a speech at the Labour’s election campaign launch.

The kick-off of the Labour Campaign was held at Battersea Arts Centre, South London, on the day which Boris Johnson failed to deliver Brexit.

The Labour leader pledged to lash out “tax dodgers, dodgy landlords, bad bosses and big polluters” and reconstruct public services. 

In the speech, Mr Corbyn outlined how the Labour will renegotiate the Brexit deal and possibly, bring back the second referendum for the people who support for ‘Remain’. 

As Twitter banned political campaigning adverts from its social network – after Mark Zuckerberg’s remark – this foresees an immense effect on all UK parties, in terms of earning votes from the younger generation. 

Words: Kim Se Hee

Photo: AP

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