Jeremy Corbyn defends ‘neutral’ on Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn defended his decision to take a neutral stance in the future Brexit referendum, calling it a ‘symbol of strength’ and a ‘sign of maturity’.

Appearing in the programme of BBC Question Time, Corbyn confirmed for the first time that he would not neither support Brexit nor support to remain in Europe, if his party wins power.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson questioned how Mr Corbyn could be ‘indifferent’ on such an important issue.

Also, the leader of Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, accused him of an “abdication of leadership”.

But Corbyn said “acting as an ‘honest broker’ was a sensible way forward that can bring people together”.

If he becomes prime minister, Mr Corbyn has promised to negotiate a new Brexit deal with the EU and put this to a public vote alongside the option of remain.

However, Boris Johnson expressed in the programme, “this Labour leader’s neutrality will undermine his ambitions to negotiate a new Brexit deal. I don’t see how he can do a deal when he is going to be neutral”.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has announced a £1.6 billion money boost to find a cure for dementia, which he says would double current funding levels.


Mr Corbyn visited Sheffield’s Amazon warehouse and launched a youth manifesto called ‘The future is ours’. In the declaration, this Labor Party leader promised to give a 16-year-old young people the right to vote.

Words: Wanchen Cao

Image: The Reuters

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