Is the theatre industry really becoming diverse ?

Over the last few years, there have been several debates and discussions on making the theatre industry more diverse, in terms of its actors/actresses and behind the scenes. Lyn Gardner is one of the critics discussing the industries diversity with her most recent article, ‘ Theatre is embracing diversity but it’s still not enough.’

With the Theatre industry known for being owned by white impresarios, it has been highlighted that theatre audiences have acquired a specific demographic which consists of white middle-aged women and men. The theatre industry is trying to appeal more to a wider audience through plays such as Aladdin and the lion king which are known for having an ethnic cast, however, this still has not bridged the gap in bringing diversity to the stage. However, UK theatres have noticed that more needs to be done to change the work environment beyond the stage itself.

Shemekka Proud,20 studies Theatre arts. She commented on the fact that she is one of the very few BAME students on her course. Could this be the reason that the theatre industry isn’t diverse due to the lack of BAME students studying it?


The theatre industry wants to see more young people enjoying the theatre as well as people of colour. The theatre industry is known for being predominately white but is this starting to change from the public’s perspective ?




Words: Nia Tyrell |

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