iPhone 12: is it a necessity?


Photo Source: MacRumors https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-12/

The iPhone 12 is now available for pre order. “Better camera quality.” Sound familiar? This is what we hear every year, whenever a new iPhone is rolled out. 


In light of Apple’s recent launch, we are told yet again that we must have the latest gadget. At the iPhone 11 launch last year, the company was just as excited and enthusiastic about its state-of-the-art features.


In a time of such uncertainty and unemployment on the rise, should we be saving money instead of spending it on a new phone? “During COVID I try to save because times are uncertain. Of course sometimes it’s tempting to buy new things,” says business student, Cristina, 20.


The unpredictability of the global pandemic makes people think twice about their spending. “I would not buy the new iPhone 12 because I have the iPhone 11 and I don’t feel the need to replace a phone that is working just fine. Also, the price is ridiculously high,” says Sarah, 20, a graphic design student.


We live in a culture where we crave new things─fast. The average young adult has an attention span of eight seconds. This ties into our constant need for fresh content. “Our generation is obsessed with materialistic things because we have a need to feel cool to fit in with society,” Cristina states. “I personally wouldn’t buy the iPhone 12 because I still have an iPhone X that works well.”


The iPhone 12 retails up to £1,099 for the Pro Max. With that much money, you could cover over a month of rent, 10 years worth of Netflix membership or even a trip to New York City, reports Save the Student


In an opinion piece by TechRadar, John McCann suggest that the iPhone 11 is a better buy than the iPhone 12 because of its cheaper price. He also argues that the iPhone 12 design is very similar to older iPhone models and are “less comfortable to hold over extended periods.” 


It can be easy to be allured by glossy new devices. But it’s worth thinking twice about whether we actually need them or are we just “chained to the rhythm” as Katy Perry says.  




By: Ghila Evansky

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