Instagram’s top 3 locations for home decoration inspiration

Want to bring some changes to your room’s decoration? Then you’re in luck, your Instagram has great ideas sorted for you.

On the app, search for #home, do the results surprise you? Zara Home wins the competition with 45.1 million hashtags used in the posts. The silver prize-winner is H&M Home who has 32.2-million people double-tapping. Finally, the British brand, the White Company is ranked as the 3rd of 7.6 million hashtags. 

For all of you bursting with curiosity, we at VoL did a walk-in tour in all three stores to check out why they have such loyal followers!

Zara Home

Classic Zara Home’s bedroom

As a subsidiary company of the fast-fashion brand, the Zara Home, located at the corner of the revenue stands relatively low-key. But upon entering the store, you can immediately feel its charm!

An atmosphere of fashion-forward elegance decorates the store, and it can be certified from the neutral colour, brown wood and white marble floors decorating their locations across London.

Glass showcase for kitchenware

Each piece in the glass showcase is placed with unique art-like bowls and goblets. Various innovative designs would give you a breath of freshness from Zara Home, and it’s absolutely different from the other brands on the market. 

Your “Zara” bedroom

Onwards to the second floor brings the warm environment of the “bedroom” section. If you appreciate high-quality textures and chic shades, this is the best choice! 

Zara Home has designers from all over the world, the products are updated every week, and so consumers can enjoy the latest trend of new items. Letting out your inner interior fan is a sure shot possibility here!

H&M Home

“Our Concept Store is a new approach to the interior industry offering a new level of inspiration, customer services, and collaborations,” said Anders Sjöblom, Managing Director of H&M Home. 

The new H&M home flagship store, which opened in April this year, has become one of the latest crowd-pleasers for interior décor amongst Londoners.

You just couldn’t refuse to step into this two-floor store with large double doors.  

H&M Home attractive front door

It feels like a modern duplex hotel in the middle of a bustling city. The first thing that makes you feel deeply attracted would be the overall textured interior in colours of black, grey and dark green.

Green plants are placed in items

What’s more? The whole store is full of metallic decorations and green plants. 

The Bunches by Blomrum florist

The new feature of the flagship store is the Bunches by Blomrum florist. Just imagine buying a fresh bouquet for the room to highlight your personal style!

H&M Home’s metallic and dark-coloured style

H&M has always been known for its super cost-effective performance and trendy clothes as well as accessories. It is gratifying to see that the brand’s homeware production also inherits its primary advantages: affordable, modern and fashionable. The design of the items is very diverse, including “instagrammable” decorations, bohemian passion, excellent vintage, and much more. 

The White Company

“White” is the central idea of all products. If you would like to decorate your room as a pure white wonderland, then do check their designs. It almost collects all the “white” you wish to have and gives it a heavenly feel.

The white Company at night

You would find that the bronze-coloured grey panels and metal display cabinets are both abrupt individually, but they are perfectly integrated into the decoration structure of the storefront.

A real bedroom experience

It’s like a boutique model house created by a famous designer for you who loves pure white. The only difference is that you can explore real bedding in the room, touch the soft pillows, duvets, and stalls. 

White&Cute sofa ever!

And if you fancy having rest during your day, just sit on the sofa at any time. And frame the white paradise in your mind, or for your Instagram!


Words: Yunxi Li

Photos: Yunxi Li

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