Highlight of the day: Topshop Beauty is back.

The beauty world shone a little less brighter when Topshop phased out their self-titled beauty line earlier this year. The cult beauty products were a favourite with influencers and consumers alike, with their felt-tip eyeliner and lipsticks among the bestsellers.


Your favourite old products are sure to make a comeback, along with lots of new favourites. Topshop has reformulated the products, making sure that everything released is going to be cruelty free certified under the leaping bunny programme.

Its not just the formulas that are getting a makeover, the signature packaging is getting a sleek new look. Gone are the black and white doodle prints, being replaced with stunning new gold, chrome, matte and glass packaging, giving the high street brand a new luxury feel.

Topshop Beauty is back in stores and online on November 2nd.

Words: Ruby Naldrett | Subbing: Vanessa Craus

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