Have yourself a very merry ‘cheap’ Christmas

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The Christmas season is here and we are all short on money, so the Voice of London Lifestyle came up with a few festive ideas that you can do at home with friends without having to reach your pockets.

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  1. Making mulled wine

What is Christmas without a mulled wine? If you can’t afford to visit the Christmas markets, don’t worry- you can do it at home and it will be a fun day with friends, even if you succeed or fail. You can get recipes from the Internet and even get £5 bags from a fancy shop like Fortnum & Mason’s to put in your mulled wine recipe.

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  1. Baking Christmas Cookies

Nothing shouts Christmas louder than freshly baked Christmas cookies. The Internet is filled with recipes for everyone who can or cannot bake. Put on some Christmas music on and get your dough ready. And why not put holes in your cookies so you can hang them on your tree as edible decorations.

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  1. Christmas Movie Marathon

The cheapest activity that everyone is always up for! Why not gather up your favorite Christmas movies and have an evening (or a whole day!) of watching movies and snacking! So grab a warm blanket, get your hot cocoa with marshmallows ready and settle down for your movie marathon.

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  1. Making Christmas Decorations

This year instead of buying Christmas decorations, save your money and make your own! Plus not only will it help you financially but it’s also a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your friends. Watch a few YouTube tutorials and search the web for ideas. Even if you mess it up at the end, you will at least have something to laugh about and have a funny story to tell in the future. “Remember when we tried to make our own Christmas decorations…”

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    Board Games

Have you heard anyone say no to an evening with red wine and board games? We didn’t either! So gather all the games you have and invite your friends over. You can drink your wine, lose the plot of the game, forget who won or who lost and just have an evening filled with laughter and chitchat.

Written by Aylin Paula Karanis – Subbed by Chingiz

Pictures by Aylin Paula Karanis

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