Have yourself a merry little zero-waste Christmas

Photo by Sara Varga

With a rough year behind us, it only makes sense to think about how we can give back to our loved ones, to those in need and, of course, to the planet.

Christmas is always one of those time when our carbon footprint spikes up, let it be the excess travelling, the endless list of gifts or the nightmarish last-minute food shopping.

According to research, Christmas accounts for 5.5 per cent of our total annual carbon footprint.

Why not try doing things a bit differently this year? Rest assured, no-waste-Christmas tastes the same, or even better.

You could pop in a zero-waste shop and get all the ingredients for your grandma’s special recipe, but this time, exactly as much as you need. We all fall victim to buying too much ground nutmeg each year, only to have it sit in the back of the cupboard till next year.

Here is our list of the best zero-waste food shops in London to reduce waste this Christmas.

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The Source Bulk Foods

Australian-born, The Source Bulk Foods has been around since 2012, finally making the move the UK in 2018. Their flagship store is in Chiswick, but they have opened an identical store in Battersea last year, and West Hampstead this year.

Their customer service is outstanding and the shopping experience is guaranteed to be excellent.

Here, you will find everything you need from special ingredients to jar-prepped recipes on the shelves, all with zero plastic involved!

If you are still not convinced, for all the health-junkies out there, they have kombucha…on tap!

You can place an order online and get free delivery on orders over £50.

Photo by Sara Varga


Beautifully designed by an Icelandic designer, Bygram was opened a year ago by a couple passionate about the environment.

Located in the heart of Fulham, it is easily accessible and certainly not-to-miss whilst looking for Christmas goodies.

They prepare neat gift packs for your loved ones in no time, in reusable paper packaging. Their confectionary section is a must-try, with top-quality chocolate-coated sweets.

Bygram takes phone orders at the moment if you are busy and prefer to just pick up your Christmas shopping.

Don’t forget to check out their downstairs shop area where they stock all the zero-waste kitchenware and bathroom essentials!

Photo by Sara Varga

Bulk Market

Located in East London? Not to worry, there are plenty of plastic-less options in the area. Bulk Market was the result of a coalition between Ingrid Caldironi and Bruna Martins, who had one simple mission in mind: avoiding waste.

Time Out included them in the 100 Best Shops in London for 2019-2020, which is a milestone for the zero-waste movement.

Bulk Market has an online DIY recipe section for those seeking to learn more about zero-waste options.

This Christmas you could pop in for a quick shopping round for dry goods available in bulk. They even stock fresh organic fruit and vegetables. What more do you need? (Don’t say plastic!)

Photo by Sara Varga


Kilo is a hidden gem in North London and has special services to offer. When shopping online, choose the ‘Jar Drop’ delivery option, so you can pop in and drop your jars and pick them up later with all the goodies.

They stock festive The Bottled Baking Co. prepped cake ingredients that can make the Christmas baking hassle less of a wrestle.

Besides all the bulk options, they have an abundance of present ideas and waste-free decorations on their shelves.

Photo by Sara Varga

Jarr Market

Located on the dreamy Half Moon Lane, South London has its own refill station, full of exciting zero-waste options.

Jarr Market prioritises suppliers that offer a closed-loop supply system, where any waste is eliminated by reusing the packaging.

Jess, who runs the shop started doing deliveries due to the pandemic within a 2-mile radius of the shop.

Photo by Sara Varga

*All the photos were taken in Bygram for demonstration.

Words: Sara Varga | Subbing: Sam Tabahriti

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