Guy Fawkes is a glorified terrorist

Men walking past bonfire display

Modern-day plots would most certainly, and rightfully, be recognised as terrorism. Haras Rafiq, a counter-terrorism expert, disclosed to ‘History Extra’ that Guy Fawkes in today’s world would be the “equivalent of a modern-day jihadist”. This comparison, in part, is linked to Fawkes’ desire to spread catholicism. He even fought with the Spanish army against protestants from the Netherlands.

The day originally was used to celebrate the safety of the King, the night after the plot was foiled. Most likely also to reassure the rest of the country that there was nothing to be concerned about. As we know, the tradition stuck.

However, as time has gone on, it seems as though Guy Fawkes’ notoriety has turned him into the celebrant of the day. Many people even refer to the night as Guy Fawkes Night. There is little to no thought of the original intentions. 

These events happened years before any of us even existed. This can make it hard to distinguish between fact and fiction. One version of events depicts Guy as a villain, while other versions suggest he was forced to confess due to being tortured in the Tower of London.

It’s definitely up for speculation. However, it’s certain that the country will “remember, remember” the 5th of November for many years to come.


Written by Mazvita Musendo

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