Five reasons why you should watch Netflix’s Elite

Racism, STDs and an obscure murder. This is what the new Spanish teen drama brings to Netflix and here are the five main reasons why you should join the club and watch it.

1. The cliff-hangers

Sex, lies and mystery- this is no ordinary school. Welcome to Las Encinas. From the very first episode we already find out someone has died and who it is. As the episodes go on, it becomes evident that not everyone is telling the truth and each character, eventually becomes a possible suspect. There are cliff-hangers in every single episode and they are so good that it annoys you to your core.

2. It deals with actual issues

Teenage pregnancies, gay couples and love triangles are at the top of the list for teenage drama clichés, however Elite does deal with more convincing and relatable issues. There are not many series which address STDs with such openess and this elevates Elite to one of the most convincing dramas of Netflix at the moment.

3. The enticing acting

It is quite unusual for a teenage series to gather such a superb cast with phenomenal performances. Three of the main cast members include Maria Pedraza, Miguel Herrán and Jaime Menéndrez from Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) one of Netflix’s most popular series.

4. Portrays a liberal view of sex

It’s always refreshing to see when social convictions are challenged, especially in relationships or sex.  Elite doesn’t step back when portraying an open-minded view of sex.

5. The soundtrack

A teenage drama series is always better with good music in the background. Elite features a mixture of Spanish reggeaton and artits like Charli XCX and Post Malone.

Words: Raquel Pacheco Colas


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