English Premier league Matchday 8 predictions

This weekend’s fixtures are action packed with rivals facing off.

This weekend’s fixtures are action packed with rivals facing off.

The English Premier League resumes this week with action-filled games with a blockbuster fixture of Liverpool vs Manchester City on Sunday.

Matches for matchday 8 commences this evening at 5:30. I will be looking at teams form and using this to predict wins, draws and losses accordingly.

Brighton (LWLLDDL) vs Burnley (LLLDLL) 

This match kicks off at 17:30

Based on recent form, Brighton would be expected to grasp this opportunity at winning and finding themselves in a higher position on the table as opposed to their opponents who are yet to win a match this season. The odds are in Brighton’s favour but football always pulls surprises so

I predict Brighton will win 1-0.

Southampton (LLWWDWW) vs Newcastle (WLDWLDW)

This match kicks off at 20:00

Southampton’s form this season has been impressive. Although it is still early into the season, they find themselves in a very appealing 5th place position which has eluded usual top 6 contenders such as; Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and even giants Manchester City. But Newcastle is a side very capable of pulling upsets. The odds, however, are largely in favour of Southampton to come out with the win. Danny Ings is a major asset in front of goal for them even though defensively, Newcastle have conceded less than Southampton.

I predict Southampton will win 1-0.

Everton (WWWWDLL) vs Manchester United (LWLWDL)

This match kicks off tomorrow at 12:30

Manchester United’s form this year has been woeful based on their standards. This has been their worst start in the Premier League since 1973. This has put Ole under pressure and after losing in Istanbul midweek, Ole will need a win here. Manchester United are however very good on the road so they might just edge over Everton on this one.

I predict both teams won’t find the net leading to a 0-0 draw.

Crystal Palace (WWLLDWL) vs Leeds United (LWWDLWL)

This match kicks off tomorrow at 15:00

This match can go either way depending on who turns up to the game. Leeds United have shown quality this season while Crystal Palace have started the season better than they did last season. This match will be a Zaha vs Bamford game as both of them are capable of causing the other team a serious upset.

I predict Leeds United will win 2-1.

Chelsea (WLDWDDW) vs Sheffield United (LLLLDLL)

This match kicks off tomorrow at 17:30

Chelsea invested heavily in their squad over the summer and many would have expected their signings to have ripped up the Premier League by now but this hasn’t been the case as they find themselves 7th in the league. This doesn’t, however, mean their form has been bad as they have gotten themselves 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss but they will need to improve their defence to climb up the league. However, Chelsea should be able to brush past Sheffield United who is currently struggling in the relegation zone. This could be second season syndrome but if Sheffield does not get some wins in the bag soon they might be going down.

I predict Chelsea will win 3-0.

West Ham (LLWWDDL) vs Fulham (LLLLDLW)

This match kicks off tomorrow at 20:00

This match belongs to West Ham and can help them climb up the table. Fulham has only won 1 game this season which was their last game. They will want to turn this into a run however, to find safety from the relegation zone which they are just above.

I predict West Ham will win 1-0.

West Brom (LLDLDDL) vs Tottenham Hotspurs (LWDWDWW)

This match kicks off on Sunday at 12:00

West Bromwich Albion has been woeful this season and have lost all their games bar 3 which were all draws. Tottenham however are beginning to look like a more coordinated side as they’ve begun to play the Jose way in a more fluid form and their 6-1 annihilation of Manchester United is a testament to this.

For this one I predict Tottenham will steam roll West Bromwich 4-0.

Leicester City (WWWLLWW) vs Wolverhampton Wanderers (WLLWWDW)

This match kicks off on Sunday at 14:00

This is going to be a very tough match. Both solid sides. Leicester City fell off towards the end of last season allowing Manchester United to creep into 3rd position after a wonderful run by Ole and his boys. However, Leicester City have picked themselves up this season and are currently 2nd in the league. Wolves have become a very solid top 8 premier league side and are known for upsetting teams from bottom to top.

For this one I predict a 2-2 draw as both teams are well capable of scoring goals.

Manchester City (WLDWDW) vs Liverpool (WWWLDWW)

This match kicks off on Sunday at 16:30

The blockbuster of the weekend is this match right here. Liverpool should have this one in the bag and I believe they will but just because Manchester City haven’t been at their best this season doesn’t mean they are not a strong side. Liverpool have shown they can slip up. Since their defeat to Watford last season, Liverpool have lost the odd game here and there giving teams more confidence of beating them. With Virgil Van Dijk injured it should be even easier.

For this one I predict a 3-1 victory in favour of Liverpool.

Arsenal (WWLWLLW) vs Aston Villa (WWWWLL)

This match kicks off on Sunday at 19:15

Arsenal are a good side but they are full of surprises. They could win but they could also lose even though they are expected to win against a side like Aston Villa who shockingly but deservedly after a solid start to the season, are just above Arsenal on the table.

For this on I predict a 2-1 win in favour of Arsenal.


Words: Olubukunmi Michael Nathan        | Subbing: Michael Patcha



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