Put your elf first: the body confidence Christmas guide you need

Picture: J.B. Hill

The Christmas period is arguably one of the most delicious times of the year. A time where we indulge in mince pies, roast dinners with all the trimmings and mulled wine. Amongst all the enjoyment of the season, we often beat ourselves up about the extra calories and thinking or feeling “fat.”

In 2015, Huffington Post reported that British women were cancelling plans over Christmas due to body image concerns and low self-esteem.

Infographic by Lauren Coppin Campbell

So, what can we do?

The Be Real Campaign have launched their Body Confidence Christmas Guide as part of a Body Confidence Advent Calendar.

The new guide is about how to stay body confident throughout Christmas, to help people make the most of the festive season and not miss out due to worries about their appearance.

Liam Preston, Head of YMCA’s Be Real Campaign told the Voice of London:

“The lead up to Christmas and the start of the New Year is filled with additional pressure to conform to society’s unrealistic beauty ideals. From countless features in the media on how to drop a dress size in time for the Christmas party, to the ‘New Year New Me’ diet craze, the festive season can feel overwhelming.”

“It’s important to remember that Christmas is an opportunity to enjoy quality time with our loved ones and what we look like should really be the last thing on our minds.”

The Body Confidence Christmas Guide includes top tips on how to worry less about what you look like in the lead up to Christmas and the start of the New Year. The campaign wants you to focus on experiences, quality time with loved ones and practising self-care.

Body Confidence Christmas Tips:

Capture the Christmas spirit

Don’t worry about capturing yourself from the ‘perfect’ angle, but focus instead on capturing the moment and spirit of Christmas. After all, it’s a time to create memories not filter them.

Christmas is a time for giving

Take advantage of those 2 for 1 offers on spa breaks and give the gift of pampering to yourself and a friend. There’s no better way to feel good about your body than when you’re relaxed and being Zen.

Eat, drink and be merry

Don’t beat yourself up for ‘overindulging’. If Santa can have a mince pie at every house across the globe, you can have some too.

The Body Confidence Christmas Guide is available as a free download in the Be Real Campaign’s Advent Calendar, which will feature various body confident content starting 1st December until 25th December.

To open the Advent Calendar visit:  https://www.berealcampaign.co.uk/advent-calendar

Words: Lauren Coppin Campbell | Subbing: Ruby Naldrett

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