Cereal Giant releases advent calendar

December is a month away but for cereal lovers Christmas has come early…Kellogg’s have released their first ever advent calendar, ’24 bowls ’til Christmas!’.

Behind each door you will discover a miniature box of Kellogg’s cereal (enough for a single serving). Boxes will include classics such as; coco pops, cornflakes, frosties and rice krispies. However, doors may also unveil some cereals you haven’t tried before…


The UK’s first ever cereal based advent calendar costs just £4 and is available exclusively in Tesco stores.


Cereal fans cannot believe their luck.

It is a limited edition, so if you want to count down the days to Christmas with a crunch be sure to get yours soon!


Words: Amelia Walker-Hall | Subbing: Asya Gadzheva

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