Is your size too big for your sexiness?

Today, in 2017, a woman’s sexiness is no longer solely about lace tights, elegant makeup, and pure femininity. Although we still can’t avoid making the judgement based on one’s appearance, women have the right to express their personalities and at the same time feel good about it.

BBC News recently reported that a US TV host went viral, after a body shaming social media post commenting on her body shape. Demetria Obilor, said to be “too curvy for her dress”, made a video response with absolute pride of her self-image and zero cares given to the judgements.




“This is the way I’m built. This is the way I was born.” A social media post body-shaming a US TV host went viral. So Demetria Obilor made a video response saying, “I’m not going anywhere.” #bodyconfidence #body #women #confidence #happy #loveyourself

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The Voice of London went on and explored the new sexiness, with a series of photos demonstrating that there isn’t a certain definition of what is called sexy. We talked to six absolutely sexy women with different outlooking and identities and listened to their opinions of modern sexiness.  

Report & Photography: Erin Zhang | Subbing: Aylin Paula Karanis 

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