Can’t afford to be hungover this Halloween? Try this!

Let’s face it, as time goes on it’s becoming harder and harder to overcome our hangovers the morning after a night out. But that doesn’t mean you’re too old to handle your hangovers; maybe you’re just doing it wrong. Have you ever thought about yoga?

Halloween is just another excuse to drink to our limits (or past them) and get up to no good. But when it happens on a Tuesday – like this year – it makes it very hard to enjoy yourself when you’re constantly thinking about having to wake up early. But to make your post-Halloween hangover slightly more bearable this year, we’ve come up with a few yoga moves you can try, because your boss never has to know you went out. Don’t worry – your secret is safe with us. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your bedroom if you don’t feel like it!

If you are anything like any of us you are probably constantly trying out new ways to cure your hangover: eating bread to soak up the alcohol, drinking a big glass of Barocca and even drugging yourself with every single painkiller you can think of. But let’s face it, nothing works and we just resort to sleeping it off and feeling utterly rubbish for days afterwards. What have you got to lose? Just try it!

Before you start, make yourself a warm green tea and sip it throughout your session. Aside from keeping you hydrated, green tea will speed up your detox process making it the perfect hangover drink.


Happy yoga-ing fellow halloweeners!

Words: Louana Erard | Subbing: Jenny Lee
Photos: Louana Erard


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