Bus vs bicycle: this is how we roll!

Photo by: @simonrae | Unsplash

Since the second lockdown came into effect, we are again encouraged not to leave our homes unless it is essential or doing outdoor sports. Many believe public transport is not very safe and driving has a lot of disadvantages in London. What should you do? 

Data shows that during Lockdown 1.0 the number of bicycles on the streets has increased significantly.

By the end of summer, record numbers of bikes have been sold. But by October, these numbers plummeted and fell below 2019 levels.

Several factors have played a role in this, but all can be traced back to one event: the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bicycle route – Tower Bridge to Liverpool Street

In an earlier article, we showed a few monthly and yearly bicycle renting options and mentioned some benefits that come with riding.

In this video, we illustrate the time difference between two commuting methods, bus and bike. We’ll also give you a few tips for riding.

Click the video to find out more:

Video by Norbert Tarnoczi | Bicycle ride between Tower Bridge and Liverpool Street

As you can see, riding was almost three times faster than “tapping”. But it is not only quicker but healthier, greener…and oh, it is more enjoyable too.

(The experiment took place on two separate days, but at the same hour. We tried to create an example as representative as possible, but the traffic was heavier on the day of the bus ride. However, traffic does not affect cyclist significantly, so the given riding time is achievable within most conditions.)

In case you missed:

Video and words by: Norbert Tarnoczi | Subbing by: Grace Staley 

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