Boris Johnson feeling “great” after being required to self-isolate

Photo by: UK Prime Minister | CreativeCommons

The Prime Minister has been requested to self-isolate through the NHS track and trace app, after someone from Downing Street has tested positive. 

No 10 confirmed that the PM has been in contact with a small group of MPs, including the MP for Ashfield, Lee Anderson, who later developed Covid-19 symptoms and has now tested positive.

In a video on Monday, Boris Johnson said he is feeling healthy and he urges others to stick to the rules and to self-isolate if contacted by The NHS Track and Trace.

The Prime Minister will continue to work during the 10 days of self-isolation.

Some say government advisers will work to find solutions that would allow Johnson to participate in Parliamentary meetings via electrical means.

On Thursday, Mr Johnson spent a meeting with Tory MP Lee Anderson, who then tested positive shortly after.

Lee Anderson said he feels fine, but is worried about his wife.

Another Conservative MP, Andy Carter, has confirmed his requirement to self-isolate after attending the same meeting as Boris Johnson and MP Lee Anderson.

Words by Norbert Tarnoczi | Subbed by Grace Staley 


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