Beautiful Photos of Cornwall and Where to Take Them

St Ives beach town

As the rain, cold and wind penetrate multiple layers of clothing to remind us that winter is coming, let’s hold on to the last rays of sunshine and the warm English summer.

Cornwall is a rugged, beautifully framed, Picasso painting on a seaside canvas. A place like no other. The small streets, the seagulls, the smell of the sea and the cool breeze beating that summer heat, everything reminds us of a perfect summer vacation. This is probably why Gordon Ramsay bought a house and moved up there, so be prepared to see the celebrity chef casually taking a stroll on the beach. (tip: he once visited chef Paul Ainsworth at his No 6 restaurant so make sure you hang around for celebrity sightseeing).

I recently visited Cornwall with some of my friends. We stayed in Penzance, a small Cornish town, but took the bus to visit other towns as well. We had been sitting on a coach for nine hours from London to Penzance, so we planned to take a well-deserved day off before exploring. However, the sea breeze and the sunshine were like a sip of an energy drink, hyping and urging us to get going right away. Next thing you know, we dropped off our bags at the Airbnb we rented, and headed out.

The group has two photographers so we took a tad too many photos on our three-day trip. It was just too breathtakingly beautiful not to. We went to the most recommended locations and took spectacular photos. Watch the video below to see where you can snap the same stunning shots.

To take the photos, first you must get to the location. So go on the Trainline app and book your tickets. This app is super convenient. It lets you see prices for both coaches and trains, so you can choose the most suitable one for you. Some words of advice:

1, Don’t travel long distance (to Penzance) by coach if you are not with a bunch of people who you like and don’t mind being stuck with for a few hours. It will be a living nightmare!

2, Check if the place you plan to visit that day requires you to get a ticket (online tickets are usually cheaper than buying at the location).

3, Check the time of the tides if you plan to visit St Michael’s Mount.

4, Prepare yourself for some climbing if you are visiting Cornwall. Up high is where you’ll find the most breathtaking views, though it’s not too shabby down low either.

5, Plan out what you will do each day you visit Cornwall to get the most out of your trip.

6, Enjoy! And for a sneak peek of what you will get once you’re there, check out this gallery:

Words by Ngoc Minh Thu Le | Subbing by Vanessa Crous

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