A quick and easy Philadelphia meal that will blow your mind

Cream cheese is so delicious and so easy to use in a variety of recipes. From cheesecake to a salmon and cream cheese sandwich, Philadelphia is what you are looking for…

Reporter:Maria-Christina Chougkaeva | Sub-Editor : Yueer Wang 

Apart from being the largest city of Pennsylvania in the USA it’s also one of our favourite cool creamy tastes that we enjoy snacking on in more than 80 countries worldwide. Philadelphia cream cheese goes with anything and everything.

During the 1890’s the city of Pennsylvania was considered the home of the best food in the United States. Therefore the cream cheese that was made by the dairyman William Lawrence in New York was named Philadelphia.

Today Philadelphia is owned by Kraft food group and has 22 different flavoured cream cheese spreads such as Philadelphia Mediterranean herbs, salmon and dill and smoked ham. It also produces snacks and ‘Simply stir’ creams that are used for fast pasta recipes.  

Philadelphia wanted to step out of the box when they introduced their collaboration with Cadbury in 2012. The partnership resulted in a milk chocolate spread in a 160g tub and mini tubs in 120g. 

As we always want something quick and tasty we decided to achieve it using three to four products in order to make the perfect creamy dish for dinner….


Chicken breasts cut in small bites

Mushrooms cut in cubes

Philadelphia cream cheese, flavoured or classic

Broccoli (optional)


Philadelphia has made it very easy to enjoy a wide range of different recipes just with a click of a button! For more recipes visit philadephia.co.uk

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