Would you have sex with a robot?

Are sex robots a threat to real intimacy, or nothing more than a sophisticated vibrator?

Priced at around £4,000, the thought of sex-bots becoming a reality may seem far-fetched.

However, problems may arise if the technology becomes mainstream and prices are lowered. Will the practice of human-robot sex be normalised?

Leading tech company Realbotix, produces life-like dolls that can be interacted with via an app. Their slogan ‘Be the first to never be lonely again’, implies much more than just a physical relationship.

Kathleen Richardson, founder of Campaign Against Sex Robots said at the 2017 Web Summit, that the technology is ‘an outcome of egocentric misogyny’.

But what do young Londoner’s think?

To find out, we went to a party in North London and asked people if they would have sex with a robot:


Words: Katherine Docherty & Michael Ward | Audio and photos: Michael Ward & Katherine Docherty | Subbing: Olivia Herring

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