Find out why Sydney is the best holiday destination for Londoners in just 3 minutes

London has been forever known as the most popular city in Europe. With its classic double-decker buses, iconic red telephone booths and infectious pub culture, millions from across the globe remain desperate to tick off this historical yet diverse destination off the top of their bucket list.

The iconic Sydney Harbour Credit: Jessica Kwan

But for the local Londoners, who may have already visited the capital’s many neighbouring countries, or those of you who have just had enough of London’s thick grey skies, I challenge you to visit somewhere fresh, new and different – Sydney, the world’s Harbour City.

Sydney at sunrise Credit: Jessica Kwan

I first visited Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, on a student exchange programme back in February. I imagined waking up to the smell of crisp Australian air, cerulean blue skies, and a dynamic roaring ocean. My imagination could not have been more perfect. With well over 100 beaches to choose from, it is simply impossible not to fall in love with Sydney’s stunning coastal views – even if you are not a fan of getting into the waters.

Countless people are put off by the strikingly long distance between London and Sydney, choosing to visit closer European destinations instead, or deciding not to go abroad at all during the holidays. However, I guarantee that once you lay your thirsty eyes on Sydney’s magical harbour and the stunning Pacific Ocean that surrounds the city, the 24-hour journey, fatigue and jet lag will be totally worth it and you’ll even question why you didn’t go earlier. Air fares can come pricey, but if you have the patience to browse through more than one website and compare prices, you’ll undoubtedly find your ideal plane ticket in no time.

The acclaimed Bondi Beach – also known as Australia’s most famous playground
Credit: Jessica Kwan

In this short video, Stephanie Kwan, a student from London, explains why going to Sydney was the best decision she’s ever made, and how it felt to visit somewhere so far away from home. Georgia Hing, a journalist who has lived in Sydney her entire life, explains why she would never exchange her home city for any other in the world.

Words and video: Jessica Kwan | Subbing: Jenny Lee

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