Watch out Yeezy, here comes Victoria Beckham X Reebok

Fashion Designer Victoria Beckham has announced that she will partner with Reebok on an activewear line.

Victoria Beckham may have made looking fancy fashionable but the mogul is abandoning her roots and her heels, for a collaboration with Reebok. Whilst she is keeping hush on the finer points of the collection, we are sure there will be more trainers than stilettos. 

So, one must ask, is this the end of high heel culture as we know it? It has been well reported that sales of trainers have, for the first time ever, overtaken sales of high heels. Moreover, now it seems even the queen of pointed toe pumps has decided to shrink a few inches in the name of comfort. Maybe the new ‘posh’ features tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie too…

This collaboration is one of many between celebrities and sports brands. We have seen Fenty Puma, Kanye x Adidas and Victoria’s husband’s own collection, David Beckham x Adidas. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that this collection willl be every bit as stylish and shoppable as VB’s own line.

But no fear, judging from this Instagram post, our favourite spice girl might not be over her heels just yet.

Words: Kadie Eve I Subbing: Miriam Cocuzza

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