UK foreign office call for safety of University campus demonstrator’s amidst Hong Kong protests

The UK foreign office has called for safe passage out of a university in Hong Kong.  


The UK foreign office has released a statement addressing the hundreds of protesters who are trapped inside Polytechnic University as police lay siege. 

A UK foreign representative read:

“The UK is seriously concerned by the escalation in violence from both the protestors and the authorities around Hong Kong university campuses. It is vital that those who are injured are able to receive appropriate medical treatment, and that safe passage is made available for all those who wish to leave the area.”

On Monday morning, a group of around 100 people attempted to leave the university but were faced with rubber bullets and tear gas following the overnight standoff.  Overnight, protesters launched petrol bombs and shot arrows at the police, who retaliated with threats of using live rounds.

The university has been occupied by protesters since last week and is now the longest and most tense conflict between demonstrators and the police in the almost six months of anti-government protests.


More to follow.


Words By: Eleanor Dalton


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