Trump won’t go: Four Americans on the impeachment hearings

Impeachment hearings against sitting President Donald J. Trump officially became televised in the US last week. 

Bringing the testimonies of top diplomats into the living rooms of millions of Americans. 

For the majority of the country, it is a course of action that seems long over-due.

In a new poll released yesterday by the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School, 2-1 of young American voters approve of Trump’s removal from office.

Mr Trump is accused of asking Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Hunter Biden worked for a Ukrainian company while his father was US Vice President. According to US law, asking a foreign government for help in winning an election is illegal.

The President would need to be impeached by the House and the Senate in order to be kicked out of office. 

If he is, it will be the first time in the nation’s history that a president has been asked to step down.

Voice of London asked four American students in the capital whether or not they think President Trump will be sacked, in order to gain some perspective on a possible outcome. 

Pheobe Ellis

Pheobe Ellis, 26, of Dallas, Texas, studying a master’s degree at London Metropolitan University in biomedical sciences says:“I do not think he will be impeached because they will not get the process done before the election next year. I think it would be great, but it will not happen in time.” 

She said she did not vote for Trump herself but knows people who did: “If you are a democrat in Texas you are within the minority. 

“If it was up to Texas he would not be impeached. Out here it seems to be common sense that people know he is crazy but back home people really believe in why they voted for him.” 

Jillian A. Keith

Jillian A. Keith, 20, of Edina, Minnesota, studying a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Westminster said: “No, I do not think he will be impeached. 

“I say that more out of hope though. I do not want Mike Pence to be president. I would cry more.”

In her opinion, the hearings have the potential to convince some of the most loyal republicans that Mr Trump has committed an impeachable act.

Still, she wishes people would look into what having Mike Pence as a president would mean for the country.

She says republicans cannot wait to cut ties with the commander in chief “I think they would be happy to get rid of him for Mike Pence. 

“They would be like ‘Thank God the idiot is gone now we can get to the important stuff.’”

Frannie Richardson

Frannie Richardson, 24, of Sunnyvale, California, studying a master’s degree in textile design at Chelsea college of Art and Design said:“I honestly do not think he will be because his term is not that much longer. 

“When I lived in California I thought he would be. Mike Pence is not a good replacement. The whole thing is embarrassing.” 

Bebe Cantor

Bebe Cantor, 23, of Miami, Florida, studying a master’s degree in biomedical sciences at London Metropolitan University said:“I do not think he would be impeached for that reason. I think it is like the cherry on the top.

“I would like him to be impeached but I doubt it would happen because his term is almost over. Everyone wants him impeached.” 

President Trump victoriously won Florida on election night in 2016. Bebe says: “I do not understand who voted for him. Nobody I know likes him.” 

There is a possibility that President Trump could be impeached by Christmas but the Floridian says: “I feel like America talks a bunch of sh*t but does not actually do things.” 


Words: Michelle Del Rey | Featured Image: Anthony Delanoix

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