Tottenham sack manager Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham have sacked their manager of five years Mauricio Pochettino after a poor start to the season.

The North London side are currently 14th in the Premier League, their lowest league position at this point in the season since the 2008/09 campaign, and 10 places down from where they finished last season.

Their disappointing start in the league has also been replicated in Europe with the side suffering a 7-2 drubbing at home to Bayern Munich, whilst also losing to League Two outfit Colchester United in the League Cup.

Daniel Levy, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, said in a statement: “it is not a decision the board has taken lightly, nor in haste”.

Pochettino, 47, was first appointed as Head Coach in May 2014, and was instrumental in getting the team to last season’s Champions League final against Liverpool.

Spurs also finished second in the Premier League behind Chelsea in the 2016/17 season, and secured two third place finishes in May 2016 and 2018.


Image: Tom Bechervaise | The club under Pochettino moved to Wembley Stadium while construction of their new stadium took place.

One Spurs fan, aged 58 – who has supported the club for 43 years – told VoL: “It’s very sad because he’s been the most successful manager in the last 25 years, however the club has to look forward to maintain a top status position within the Premier League.”

Another North Londoner, 23, said: “I think it’s terrible, because all the success Tottenham have had in recent years has come from Pochettino’s mindset investing in the academy, double training sessions, and sport science.”

The club has said they will release information on the future of the coaching staff “in due course“, but both Tottenham supporters already have their ideas on who might replace the Argentinian.


The 58 year-old said: “I think Pep Guardiola [will replace Pochettino] because he’s had a couple of bad results this year and he normally only stays at a club for two or three years, and I think he’s been at Manchester City for four, but it’s wishful thinking. No one knows in football, you can never second guess. But it has to be a top class manager who’s got proven credentials.”

The 23 year-old said: “I think it will be Massimiliano Allegri, the former Juventus manager. He came to the UK two months ago and has been learning English according to reports in the press, so it seems he is preparing to take on a managerial job in the Premier League.”

The bookies have placed Jose Mourinho as the favourite to take over.

Mourinho has been without a club since parting company with Manchester United last season.

If Tottenham were to hire him, the club would become the third Premier League side he’s managed since first taking charge of Chelsea back in 2004.

Words: Alysia Georgiades | Subbed: Dan Taylor | Featured images: Tim Bechervaise on Unsplash

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