Top 5 gory horror movies to watch on Halloween


The eve of All Saint’s is not far off, and it’s that time of year again to carve a pumpkin, light a bonfire, visit a haunted house and watch some horror films with your mates. We know that you might’ve done this all last year, but this Halloween we want to present you with something even more special than just horrors. Ever heard of a splatter film or gory film? It’s a specific genre that focuses on scenes of blood, dismemberment and extreme violence. Combine both gore and horror together, and you are presented with something that will thrill even the most fearless viewer. Here are Top 5 most gory horror movies we recommend you watch this Halloween…


 5. Cassadaga

This movie depicts a story of a deaf girl who tries to communicate with her dead sister during a ritual. However, in a strange turn of events, the ghost of a murdered woman appears and tell her the story of a serial killer who captures women, cuts their limbs, puts metal implants in their joints and plays with them like puppet dolls until they cease to exist. Nuff said.

4. I Spit On Your Grave

This story is about a girl who was violently rapped and humiliated in the country side. The victim then finds original ways to torture and kill her offenders by castration, rape with a shotgun and dipping in alkali. Every torture scene is very detailed, so we recommend only the bravest of people to watch this daunting movie.



3.ABCs of Death


This is a series of different short stories directed by various producers. Each one is told through alphabetic order and shows 26 ways to die. Some scenes in the movie are so disturbing that it makes one question, ‘what’s wrong with the imagination of people who directed this?’


2.  Martyrs


The movie represents how brutal and evil human nature can really be. The main character is captured by a secret cult which experiments with its victims in order to reveal what is hidden in the afterlife. The main character manages to peek into the afterlife, but only after a series of torturous events.

1. Hostel 2


There is no movie that shows the most perverted and brutal methods of pain infliction like this one. The story is simple; a group of rich people buy from human traffickers poor victims to torture them for fun. However, the brutality of particular scenes will make even the toughest person shiver from fear.

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