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Top 10 most instagram-able restaurants in London

  1. Mandarin London

Hyde Park’s luxury 5 star hotel, Mandarin Oriental London, has one of the most clean-cut Instagram-able restaurants. Pristine, clean and spacious, it’s the breath of fresh air that us Londoners are in need of.

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  1. Grind

With velvet teal benches outlining the restaurant, the diner ‘look’ becomes elegant; complimented by curved lamps, the romantic old-school mood is set.

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  1. The London edition

The romantic interior and warm lighting at The London Edition will be the perfect set to get to know someone- especially on those comfy sofas.

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  1. Palm Vaults

Millennial pink and palm tree green is the them here. Vibrant plants hanging above you is the calm in the city chaos that you’ve been searching for.

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  1. Ethos

With marble tables and trees at your side, there is no doubt that the interior compliments all the bright veggie options at this restaurant.


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  1. Aubaine

Lavender dripped ceilings seem like something from a painting, and Aubaine made it reality, perfectly combining the soft purple with cool tones.

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  1. Milk

Modern and classy, Milk is fit for a business meeting.

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  1. Bob Bob Ricard

If you want to feel like you’re in the great Gatsby, Bob Bob Ricard is the place for you. Oh, and there’s a button you can press for a top up on your champagne.

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  1. Clos Maggiore

London can get pretty cold, but fear not, if you want the illusion that you’re having dinner in a beautiful garden, with flowers overhead, this is the place for you- and its toasty warm too.

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  1. Dalloway terrace

Dalloway is full of greenery, and perfect for that aesthetic Insta shot. A definite match on anyone’s feed.

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Words: Brenda Zini I Subbed: Tooba Haq