Friday, July 19The Voice of London

Timberland: yellow boot going green

British designer Christopher Raeburn has been named as Timberland’s first ever Global Creative Director.

Picture: Ben Broomfield

The US clothing brand, known for their classic 6-inch yellow boot, announced the brit would take up the new position.

Raeburn’s first capsule collection is released in stores today and encapsulates his design ethos of ‘remade, reduce, recycle’. All items are made from sustainable materials including organic cotton and recycled polyester. Raeburn is known to search second-hand shops and markets for vintage Timberland items, to re-work into contemporary garments for the runway.

Jim Pisani, the global brand president of Timberland told Voice of London: “Christopher Raeburn is a true visionary, who shares our ethos of responsibility and brings to the table a fresh, modern design sensibility.”

The first full collection under Raeburn will be released Autumn/Winter 2020.

The capsule collection out now, includes outerwear, t-shirts, hoodies and trousers, ranging from £50 to £310.

Head down to the Timberland London store on Regent Street to take a closer look at the capsule collection released today.


Words: Daisy Newman | Subbing: Shruti Tangirala