Three armed robbers plough through White City shop using SUV

Credits to: @999London

Breaking news: three robbers wielding sledgehammers broke into a jewellery shop in White City, using a Range Rover to smash through the building.

According to, MyLondonNews, the first robber, brandishing a hammer and clutching a swag bag, fled the shop as passers-by rushed into the building.

The second robber was then seen threatening passers-by who confronted him, by waving a sledgehammer above his head as he threatened a member of the public. The robber then ran from the scene of the incident.

The third robber also attempted to escape the scene, until a member of the public tackled him to the ground. Seconds later, a crowd formed around the robber as he lay on the road and the crowd began beating him.

Police quickly arrived on scene and made one arrest. Police are still searching for the two other accomplices who orchestrated the crime that took place in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Watch the full video:


Words by: Monica Young

Photos by: @999London

Video by: @999London

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