The strangest stories from the last decade

As we come to the end of the decade, Voice of London round-up the strangest news stories from the last 10 years.


2010: The real hero of the 2010 Football World Cup: Paul the Octopus:

After predicting the correct outcome of seven matches during the 2010 Football World Cup by choosing which box to eat from, Paul the octopus became a global mystic sensation.


2011: Need a method to remove a wart? Shoot it off:

Sean Murphy, lost his middle finger after using a stolen gun to try and remove the painful wart on his left hand. He was later handed a 16-week suspended prison sentence for using an illegal firearm.


2012: The Restoration fail of Jesus:

In a little town in Spain, 81-year-old, Cecilia Giménez, restored a fresco depicting Jesus Christ. But all did not go well when, after finishing the restoration, the picture was dubbed ‘Monkey Christ’. However, all was not lost when, after the transformation pictures went viral on social media, thousands of tourists were attracted to the town to come and see the updated fresco for themselves.


2013: Holy! When Batman made an appearance at a police station:

A local man dressed up as Batman handed in a wanted man at Bradford police station. His identity still remains unknown.


2014: A horse was found in Tesco again, but it wasn’t in the meat this time:

In Durham, 21-year-old, Inky Ralph, rode her horse into the local Tesco Extra to carry out the “Neknomination” Pepsi challenge. She entered the store, downed a bottle of Pepsi and then continued to nominate her friends to carry out the same challenge. The video went viral and she received messages as far as Australia according to The Independent.



2015: When you REALLY don’t want to go to work:

We’ve all gone to great lengths to avoid going to work, but Aaron O’Neill took things to a whole new level. The employee for Intel capped his friend, Colin Hammond, to make a hoax bomb scare to the company, resulting in the 4,000 staff being evacuated in Ireland. Not only this, a motorway was shut down and air traffic was disrupted according to the Telegraph.


2016: When Ed Miliband acquired an unlikely new job:

Former Labour leader, Ed Miliband became an unlikely stock image photo when he appeared on NBC News to illustrate the risks of flu season.

It’s safe to say, he responded well to his surprising appearance by hash-tagging #flulabour on Twitter.


2017: When working from home really gets tough:

No words are necessary for this one when BBC presenter is interrupted by his children.


2018: The most attractive hedge in the UK:

Sheffield local, Keith Tyssen, confused the internet when he pleaded the public to stop pretending to have sex with his sensual hedge. Having put up the topiary back in 2010, Tyssen complained that ‘drunken louts’ ‘molest’ her and end up ‘spoiling the shape’. He just wanted people to leave his ‘fairly sexy female’ alone.


2019: The three words that made the UK go wild: It’s….. Rebekah Vardy:

Social media went crazy after Coleen Rooney, wife of footballer Wayne Rooney, posted this statement onto her Instagram page.



And Twitter couldn’t help but get involved:



Rebekah Vardy responded with:


Here’s hoping the next decade blesses us with even stranger stories.



Words By: Eleanor Dalton

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