The Selfie Factory – The Insta worthy pop up happening in London

Instagrammers, get your phone ready – this place is all about making good-looking photos thanks to funny art installations.

Inspired by LA pop ups such as Happy-Go-Lucky, the spot is a social media addicts’ dream. Selfie factory is taking over Shoreditch and our feeds this November. More than ten eye-catching installations and backdrops compose the exhibition.

By @livy_hyde

Make a boomerang in the giant ball pit room, pretend to steal treats from the doughnut wall, throw confetti on your friends. All of it and more for 15 pounds.

By @livy_hyde

Will Bower, director of the exhibition explained that the “goal is to create an environment where anyone can come in, have a load of fun and leave with some really cool pictures they can show their friends.”

By @livy_hyde

So the only thing left for you to do is to grab your tickets, your phone, your friends and head to East London.

Words: Kiara Vigo

Subbing: Christian Onions

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