The other end of the runway: A male models perspective on the modelling industry

Question 1: Do you see yourself represented as a young black male in the modelling industry ?

Answer: There aren’t that many black male models in the industry that I can say ‘I identify with”  I initially didn’t think I was represented because I haven’t been signed to an agency, therefore, I’m not a professional. However, the comments and praise I have got from those who have been watching me, explained that being signed doesn’t define being a professional. So, now looking back on what you asked, yes I do see myself represented as young black male modelling in the industry. I am representing myself asI slowly make my way up.


Question 2: What inspired you in wanting to pursue modelling?

Answer: Hmm, this is actually a difficult question to answer believe it or not. To be honest, it just looked fun, and I thought, c’mon, how hard can it be ?! I always saw the JD posters and thought, I can actually do that too, but I did start off my modelling career via fashion shows and runways and not the typical still headshots.

Question 3: Do you think you have faced any obstacles in your modelling career/ what are your goals for the future ?


Answer: I haven’t really taken modelling that seriously to be thinking, wow, how am I going to make it to this level. So, personally I would say I haven’t, but these days, I’ve really wanted to enter the sports-wear modelling world because that’s what I wear on a daily basis and well, ya know, what can I say, I make the clothes look good.

Question 4: Do you feel that male models do not have as much impact on the industry compared to female models ? Or do you disagree ?


Answer: This depends on the mindset society has when you say modelling. Some people think fashion shows and photoshoots, whereas, on the other hand some people think of video vixens, revealing flesh and looking seductive.

In todays’ world, a lot of females get called up to be in these music videos to do just that, whilst you would hardly ever see males doing something similar to that of a female, I mean, unless you want to watch ‘Chocolate City’ but yet again, that’s something slightly different.

To me, the difference is exposure. Most people are more likely to watch videos with females looking revealing and appearing ‘sexy’, then watch male models at fashion shows or even photoshoots.

So, the answer really lies on what your preference is but overall, it is true, male models don’t have as much coverage in the media and fashion industry. This doesn’t allow us to have as much as a long lasting impact in the fashion world as models, compared to female models in the industry.


Words: Demi Bailey-Paul

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