The Daily Telegraph faces backlash over misleading story

On Wednesday, 25th of October, The Telegraph published a misinformed front page article.

The article had originally stated that a Cambridge University student had forced white authors to be dropped as a way to “decolonise” the English Literature course.


“The proposals were in fact recommendations.”

 The Daily Telegraph front page

The story headline read “Student forces Cambridge to drop black authors”, along with a large picture of Lola Olufemi.

As a rection to the way the situation was represented, journalist, Samira Ahmed, posted a tweet expressing her feelings:

Today, 26th of October, the paper published a brief apology saying: “An Oct 25 article incorrectly stated that under proposals by academic staff in response to an open letter from student on ‘decolonising’ its English Faculty, Cambridge University will be forced to replace white authors with black writers. The proposals were in fact recommendations. Neither they nor the open letter called for the University to replace white authors with black ones and there are no plans to do so.”

Cambridge University Student Union’s Women’s officer, Olufemi tweeted a picture of the apology and said:


Here is what a London Television Production student, Maria, thought about the situation:



Words: Brenda Zini| Subbed: Ainaa Mashrique

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