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The Bi- life is here!

The first episode was a success, we have to bear in mind that this is the first LGBTQ dating reality show, that has ever been aired in the UK. So let’s talk a bit about the premiere, we met the singletons and the host Courtney Cox/ Shane in Barcelona. The house so far as includes six singletons but we are told that throughout the season more singletons will be joining the house. What also differs about the show is the fact that the singletons, won’t be dating each other but will, in fact, be taking part in blind dates and double dates outside the house. This show was designed to set the record straight about all the misconceptions attached to the LGBTQ community. It also allows the singletons to explore their sexuality further in a supportive environment with people like themselves.

The first half of the episode, we saw Ryan and Michael’s dates. Ryan, who comes across as very confident in his sexuality. Wasn’t afraid to give his blind date a kiss goodbye. Ryan often feels weary about expressing his bisexuality on dates and he is hoping to get past this fear during his time in the house.
Michael, however, has never explored his sexuality and has never been on a first date. Easing him into the dating scene, Shane gives him three options to choose from two males and one female. If going on date for the first time wasn’t daunting enough the date was also going to be watched by his fellow housemates.

Both dates proved that expressing your sexuality shouldn’t be as daunting as portrayed as both Michael and Ryan’s dates were unbothered by their sexuality and were interested in finding out more about their sexualities and their past experiences.

The latter half of the episode, shows Daisie’s first date in Barcelona, Shane lets her pick from three options. Out of which she chooses Aussie Adam. Daisie has a past for choosing the wrong female/male. She describes herself as a serial dater and her last relationship ended in tears. So we couldn’t help but wish her the best on her date. Nevertheless, her first date proved too good to be true when Courtney Cox hosted a party for the housemates to mingle and also see their dates again.

At the party, it all seemed to fall apart. Michael politely rejected seeing blind date Ben again and Ryan politely rejected his date, Serena. Daisie was consumed with heart eyes for Adam but notices Adam at the bar checking out fellow housemate Leonnie. Feeling disrespected Daisie confronts Adam for his cheeky actions. Adam’s arrogance shines through when he states to Daisie that he hasn’t done anything wrong by looking at other females as he wanted to tell Daisie that he doesn’t feel any attraction towards her. Poor Daisie we’re rooting for you to get your perfect match!

Today’s episode looks as entertaining and fulfilling as the first.

A Sneak peek showed, Matt and Leonnie’s first date in Barcelona. A new arrival and another date for Michael and Ryan but this time is a double date.
Fingers crossed they all go well and they all get pursued but we all know how dating goes, you’ve got too many kiss frogs until you get your prince/princess.

If you haven’t watched the first episode, then you still have time to catch up as the second episode airs tomorrow at 9 pm on E!



Words: Nia Tyrell

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