The best 5 bits of menswear you can buy this week

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It might be Halloween this week but that’s no excuse to be dressing like a ghoul all year round, mate! Wrap some of these lovely garments around your torso and/or legs so you can leave the silly outfits by the bins come November 1st.

This £95 button-down by Club Monaco:

Image courtesy of Club Monaco via MR PORTER.

London’s not pretty this time of year, is it? Those autumnal colours we all love – the reds, the yellows, the oranges – we don’t have here. What we have is just browns, and greys, and browns. Which makes it hard to dress – fashion is as much about matching your environment as it is matching your belt to your shoes.

Enter this zesty little number from Club Monaco: a printed cotton-poplin shirt with just enough jungle vibes to remind you of the warmer, simpler, better times; but with a colour palette understated enough that you could slip this into your wardrobe without any of your old clothes noticing or getting jealous. Lovely stuff.


This £85 scarf by Gosha Rubchinskiy:

Image via Gosha Rubchinskiy via Goodhood.

Autumn makes your neck cold, this is a fact. But guess what? It’s scarf season, baby, and Gosha Rubchinskiy knows his scarves. His unique brand of Russian streetwear style is credited with bringing football scarves out of the stadiums and onto the high street, after all.

This one’s a mad-flag-print… but golly gosh I’ll allow it!


This £145 duffle bag by Best Made Company:

Image courtesy of Best Made Company via MR PORTER.

Whenever you see a man walking with a duffle bag swinging under his hand, you can be safe in assuming it’s a man with his life together. He’s a man who doesn’t worry about his card declining the next time he has to get a round in, and he definitely knows how to cook more than three meals. The duffle bag is, therefore, a magical accessory, as the mere act of carrying one everywhere you go turns you into a real and functional human.

Basically: buy this bag and all your problems will be sorted by Christmas.


These £81 trainers by Puma x Pepsi:

Image courtesy of Puma.

Puma x Pepsi is a collaboration nobody asked for – and most of the stuff is downright garish, in fairness. But Pepsi, underdog as it is, tastes better than Coke, so we’re all just going to have to support our corporate overlords the best we can so PepsiCo don’t do something mad like get in bed with Supreme.

Puma’s Basket II has always been a nice shoe, and a bit of capitalist flair never hurt anyone, did it! At the very least these shoes will fill that duffle bag with a bit of weight so you’re not swinging an empty bag around Clapham like a weirdo.


This £225 jacket by Neighborhood:

Image via Neighborhood courtesy of Goodhood.

Not many people would be brave enough to wear this jacket on account of the rude word slapped on the front, which means you absolutely ought to wear this jacket. Unless you’re like, a teacher or a healthcare professional, in which case maybe skip this one, or limit it to weekends.

But if you’re the office’s resident Cool Kid and want to show everyone what you think of ‘The Man’? They made this jacket for you.


Words: Matty Hall | Subbing: Claire Chung

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