“The beauty world is corrupt”, the harsh words of Federica Lisani

The make-up artist opens up about #MeritocracyForBeauty

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram appeared the hashtag #MeritocracyForBeauty. People from the beauty world used it in their posts and Instagram stories to express their disappointment on the level of meritocracy in this field. The face behind this initiative is Federica Lisani, better known on Instagram as @Federica__li, that expressed her concern about the issue.

The problem with beauty brands is that they prefer to collaborate with people on Instagram who have thousands of followers but not enough knowledge about the product or the way to use it, rather than collaborate with professional make-up artists with knowledge but a lower number of followers. The response to this wakeup call has been huge. Well-known Instagrammers, such as @lacidina or @gracemorgan, approved the initiative and spoke out about it. Of course, not all beauty brands take into account only the number of followers, but some beauty bands, such as NYX or Mula Cosmetics, still give hope to new talents to express their potential.

Image by @Federica_li for a Halloween look

Federica Lisani opened up with us not only about her initiative but also about her opinions and hopes for the beauty world.

You recently launched the hashtag #MeritocracyForBeauty for those in the make-up world who don’t receive the attention deserved from beauty companies, compared to those who have the attention but not the experience. How do you think this influence in the make-up field?

#MeritocracyForBeauty was born to let new talents come to light, not only for the attention of beauty companies, but also for the audience, so that they can learn from new faces. Meritocracy is a very complicated field, what can I say about the meritocracy in the beauty world, is that few companies use meritocracy to choose their ambassadors, and this brings a lot of disappointment, not only for the creators, but also for the audience. The beauty world is corrupt, with people who just think of the best way to emerge on Instagram and less of the best way to deliver good quality content.

Trust in incompetent people just because they have a certain number of followers, not always can benefit the companies. As a buyer, I would like to see the action of the product in a correct way, so that I can decide if buying it or not.

What responses are you having from the audience after the launch of your hashtag?

Well, I am really proud of how #MeritocracyForBeauty is going, I think I moved things a little bit in the beauty Italian community. Many “Big” of the sector shared and approved my initiative, and for me is a big thing already. We are all having the chance to know new talents, which I found something amazing that makes the community very close.

What do you think is going to happen with #MeritocracyForBeauty?

I hope that whoever is talented will have the chance to come to light. It would be amazing if also beauty companies came together in the battle to show there is still some hope for those who have a passion for make-up and want to get involved.

Did it ever come to mind to just do like the others do and buy followers?

Honestly, no. I always wanted to gain my own goals, even if I knew it took big efforts and hard work. I think the shortest way is tempting, but not as satisfying as the one made of sweat and risks.

You are collaborating with NYX Professional Makeup, what’s different?

It is a very fresh and new make-up brand open to everything and everyone. What I love about this brand is that not only is always up with new tendencies, but also gives a lot of space to everyone with no rules or gender.

Image by @Federica_li with a “total peach” look signed Nabla Cosmetics

What other beauty companies would you like to collaborate with?

I would really love to collaborate with Sephora, which is a colossus in the beauty world, and I would like for it to give more space to young talents, so that other brands can actually learn that quality is better than numbers.

How many hours do you need to make one of your creations?

I dedicate a lot of my time to the production of every single work, I am really fussy and perfectionist about it and I want my works to be perfect. That is why, to create one of my scenographic make-up it takes up to 8 hours of work. Then I work on the post-production of the pictures, which it takes between 1 and 2 hours.

What makes you proud to be part of the beauty world?

At the moment, I am really proud to know that there still are companies that believe in meritocracy and support new talents. I am also proud to see people showing their art and passion through the use of make-up without giving up.

Is #MeritoracyForBeauty just for Instagram, or do you want to apply it to the offline world?

Absolutely yes! Meritocracy in the beauty world lacks not only on social networks but also in the everyday life. I think it’s important to share this message in the offline world as well, because talent and passion need to be recognized, always!

Do you have any advice for those who want to start their career with make-up, but don’t have professional means?

Give it a try! Do what you love with no regrets. We all started with not enough tools, but I think that if you have passion and willpower you can definitely make it. I always admire those who always try despite the tools owned. Hard work is always paid back.

Follow Federica Lisani and her make-up masterpieces below and show her support for the cause by sharing the hashtag #MeritocracyForBeauty.

Words: Miriam Cocuzza | Subbing: Whitney Ajudua

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