Tate Modern’s Adult Playground

Words: Claudia Jackson | Subbing: Tracey Popoola

If the grey skies have got you down, perhaps you should grab a friend or two and visit the new installation at the Tate Modern.

Danish artist collective SUPERFLEX created the installation, appropriately called ‘One, Two, Three, Swing!’ for the third annual Hyundai commission. Although it may look like a fun playground, there is a deeper meaning behind the project.

The installation is split into three sections, which represent apathy, production and movement. As you walk down Turbine hall, there is a stripey carpet that covers the sloping entrance. Above there is a mammoth sized mirrored pendulum that swings back and forth.

Next is the main event. 22 swings three-person swings fill the lower part of the hall. The whole thing had to be carefully designed so visitors do not kick other passersby. There is also a section where you can assemble swings for yourself in a factory.

According to the Guardian: “The idea is that people can have fun while contemplating bigger issues such as community, capitalism or themselves.”

We went to check out the installation for ourselves. – Check out the video!

The interactive installation is available to visit until the 2nd of April 2018




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