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Five tips for student commuters

Five tips for student commuters

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Every Londoner knows the struggle of commuting in and out of the city every day. Whether you are going to work or university, it can be a dreadful experience to be stuck in a hectic TFL journey. To make your life easier, tick off all the following boxes before your trip. ⌧ Always leave early We all know how frustrating it is when your day does not go as planned. Missing a train or a bus puts your whole day off track and can make you late for important events. Leaving around 15 to 20 minutes early will guarantee you are on time to catch any means of transportation. It will compensate for delays, traffic and the unpredictable UK weather. Taking some extra time to arrive will save you the stress of finding an excuse for being late. After all, it is better to be three hours too soon,

Sounds of the Underground

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There are always lots of musicians playing music in the many stations for the London Underground. Every musician has their own story. They insist on their dream, even though they may suffer from many of life's pressures. This video shows the different types of music from talented London Underground artists, and their spirit of music and life.