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What does it mean to be transgender in the UK

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Words: Delmar Terblanche Subbing: Etienne Fermie 300,000 people marched in London’s Pride parade this week, while over a million watched. The Mayor was there, as were more than 300 LGBT Metropolitan Police officers - a new record. LGBT rights have become , in many ways, a publicly accepted fact in the UK. Remarkable in a country where, just 20 years before, seven gay men were convicted of “gross indecency” for daring to have sex. But one part of the LGBT community still lags well behind: Transgenderism. There are signs of change - the government has launched a 16 week consultation into the legal process of “gender transitioning”, assessing the requirements needed for transgender people to receive legal recognition. But the proposal was muted, hidden behind a louder, more publ

Prosthetic Dicks and Where to Find Them

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By Toby Walker Late one night, I showed a cis friend of mine and professional product designer some videos of prosthetic dick models available to transgender people who want them. Here is one such video, produced by a high-end packer company called Reelmagik. It’s very NSFW, along with every link in this article - but worth it just for the music. “They’re… amazing,” he gushed, holding his nose to stop beer coming out. “The design is incredible. Enviable.” I explained some of the problems trans masculine people have with particular features, such as an STP or ‘Stand To Pee’ packer that relies on gravity, faith, and considerable restraint in terms of flow to reduce the chance of an accident. I showed him how some of the basic ‘soft packers’ available come in three colours and t
Transgender Woman Found Dead In Her Cell In Leeds Male Prison

Transgender Woman Found Dead In Her Cell In Leeds Male Prison

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Transgender woman Vicky Thompson was found dead in her cell in Armley jail, Leeds on Friday. She had previously told friends she would "kill herself" if she was forced to serve time in a male prison. Words: Megan Townsend,  Subeditor: Bea Renshaw Thompson who had identified as a female since her mid-teens, asked to be sent to a female prison during her sentencing in August. Her 12 month sentence had been suspended for 24 months, however Thompson had breached her parole and was remanded in custody at Bradford Crown Court. Her solicitor had insisted that Vicky was "essentially a woman" and should not be sent to Armley, and instead New Hall womens prison near Wakefield. According to UK law, transgender women can only be assigned to female prisons if they have acquired a gender recogn

Transgender Tara Hudson Loses All-Male Prison Appeal

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Tara Hudson, a 26 year old transgender woman from Bath, has lost her appeal against her sentence at a men's prison. Words: Daisy Greenaway, Subeditor: Mariya Savova After being sentenced to 12 weeks at the all-male HMP Bristol prison for assault charges, an appeal was launched, backed by thousands of supporters, to have her moved to a women's facility. Llewelyn Sellick, The Recorder of Bristol, said Miss Hudson had a "worrying criminal record" and added: "It is for the prison service and not the court to establish where a sentence should be served". The judge had asked for consideration in where she serves the sentence. Over 140,000 people had signed online petitions demanding she be moved to a safer environment saying  "We, the undersigned, stand with Tara and her family and beli