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Will Hackney Council be the UK’s first council to urge the reuse of London’s empty buildings?

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The Mayor of Hackney Council has delivered a statement of support in the emerging lobby that has been established by ReSpace Projects. Potentially, Hackney might be the first council in the UK to adopt a community-minded approach to the reuse of empty buildings in the city. In a ‘city makers’ conference that took place last night (Thursday, November 16th), a declaration of support from Mr. Philip Glanville, the Mayor of Hackney Council, has been revealed, implying a potential transition in the council’s approach to the use of empty buildings in the city. Mr Glanville’s statement has been excitingly announced by the hosting CEO of ReSpace Projects, Mr Gee Sinha, who have developed a model and a lobby calling for a regulation of holistic and innovative regeneration using empty buildings

An evolution of squatting in East London

An architect, a former businessman, and a nomadic walk into an empty building…. And show us how community living can work in 2017; Two and a half years of innovative freedom in the shape of an East London warehouse is coming to an end on November 19th. The Hive in Dalston, that’s been a home to numerous people, as well as a fertile soil to locals’ passions and ideas, is closing its doors, potentially, to allow new ones to open up. On November 16th, the people of The Hive will be sharing the experience and wisdom they’ve gained, in a conference they are hosting, which is expected to be attended by some of the most influential figures in the city. Hand by hand with their hosting landlord, they are willing to create a lobby that will challenge our perception of social living in the