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Why the January NBA game at The O2 will be the greatest ever

Why the January NBA game at The O2 will be the greatest ever

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In January, London will welcome the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers in a basketball show the capital has probably never seen before. It's just 310 miles that distance Boston from Philadelphia. A 5-hour journey which could be as paltry as $15 by coach. Yet in January, NBA sends those almost neighbouring franchises, the Celtics and the 76ers, in the middle of the season across the pond to London. And, from our perspective, it’s really extraordinary. It’s not just the proximity that stands out on this occasion. London has not yet been bestowed on a match-up of this scale by the NBA. A genuine title contender versus an extremely talented bunch of potential future MVPs that rocks the league under a catchy phrase – Trust the Process. The British capital hasn't seen it before. It

American ownership hoodoo: a myth or pattern?

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The Guardian and New York Times writer James Montague tells The Voice of London about the reality behind American ownership in football, its genesis and impact. That Americans don’t know much about football has become a cliché almost as common as that white men can’t jump. Yet, in London there are three clubs owned by investors from across the pond: Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Fulham. What else is a common thread between them? They haven’t been particularly successful for some time now. “It’s just a different way of getting what success is,” says James Montague, author of the book The Billionaires Club, which delves into the issue of wealthy oligarchs taking over football. Listen to James Montague bringing up the only non-money American takeover story, explaining the origin of the