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Homemade Bread- The Perfect Recipes

It seems like though there is a day for anything and everything. While we  did not get a chance to talk about the British Pudding Day, which was last week, we wanted to get in on the Homemade Bread Day. Here are some of the top recipes that are not only a great way to make sure there are only pure ingredients in your loaf, but spending a day in your lovely kitchen while making a wholesome loaf of bread can also relive the stress. Words: Lyubomira Ivanova, Subeditor: Toni Hart  While there might be many different types of breads that vary across country and region, this time we decided to be traditionalists and to focus mainly on the UK cuisine. While the Greek pita or the Italian paratha might be crème-de-la-crème, the UK has something to offer as well. So here is the list of some of the