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Five tips for How to cut your food budget and get the Christmas presents you wanted

It is Christmas time. Winter is here, Santa Clause is coming and we are browsing for presents to put under the Christmas tree. This would be our favourite part of the year, if we were not twenty with a part time job, constantly living on a financial edge. After talking with a couple of young adults in this situation, Voice of London Food compiled a list of top five best and easiest advices to keep both our stomachs and pockets full. Reporter: Ivelina Nikolova | Sub-editor: Elitsa Grigorova 1.Get inspired from groups like Feed Yourself for £1 Have you heard of Pat Parker? This is an incredible lady, who created a whole community by proving that it is absolutely possible to live with £1 a day. Thousands of people are reading her cooking blog and follow her low budget plan. As you