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Why is there a fuss around Priti Patel’s visit to the Golan Heights, and why does it matter?

Calls for the cabinet minister, Priti Patel, to step down, are ‘drumming up’ today following reports by Israeli media revealing 12 unauthorised meetings of the MP with Israeli politicians last August. Throughout her trip to Israel, one she'd described as a self-paid “family holiday”, the MP met with a number of Israeli politicians, including the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Furthermore, Ms Patel has reportedly visited an Israeli military hospital located in the Golan Heights, and thus breached the British Diplomacy Protocol that refuses to recognise Israel’s authority over the area, which has been occupied in the Six-Day War in 1967. Allegedly, while Ms Patel visited the military field hospital in the Golan Heights, she declared plans to give UK aid money to the Israeli hospital, w

UPDATED Priti Patel: Who is she and what did she do?

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Patel began her parliamentary career in 2010, climbing the ladder and stepping into shoes emptied by the fallout from the expenses scandal. MP for Whitham, she made an impression with her charismatic persona in a few television appearances and was tipped as a rising star within Conservative party benches. Ideologically positioned on the right of her party line, the Brexiteer has caused quite the storm of controversy in Westminster and across the British media today. Secretary of State for International Development, Patel should be keeping Britain's interests close to her chest. However, it came to light earlier this week that Ms Patel had involved herself in meetings with Israeli government officials without consent from the Prime Minister during unauthorised trips to the Go...